The current range of ColorWave large format plotters

ColorWave: more than 10 years of proven technology

10 years of proven technology creates confidence. The ColorWave large format printers are convenient to use and simple to operate. The plotter prints with outstanding quality and excellent reliability. When every detail counts, the ColorWave is your reliable printer partner.

Copy, scan and print: versatility is key

Depending on the ColorWave choice you make, you can print, copy as well as scan. And that in the highest quality and in the simplest way. It is the large-format printer for CAD, GIS and graphics applications. It’s also why you see the ColorWave frequently at repro companies and departments as well as in corporate central print rooms.

Waterproof and no fines with toner pearls

In 2008, Océ introduced a new printing technology: Crystalpoint. Part of this is the toner pearl; the combination of ink and toner packed into a small colored ball. Of course, with accompanying large-format printers.

Instant dry and waterproof, on coated and uncoated media
The toner pearl converts to a gel and is instantly dry and water-resistant, even on uncoated media. Because the gel is sprayed onto the media with ultimate precision, the printing technology produces razor-sharp prints. This quality makes the technology especially popular in CAD, GIS and graphics applications.

Toner pearls save the environment
There are other advantages to using toner pearls: they do not give off ozone, odor or particulate matter. And because the ink can be used on uncoated media, there are many environmental benefits there as well.

All in all, excellent reasons to consider investing in a ColorWave.

The (rinsed) printheads

Toner pearls & paper (new of course)

Go for new or for used

Choose a good occasion

Our pre-owned large format printers, cutters and folders offer years of job satisfaction. All used cars are available for immediate delivery. In doing so, you have the choice of picking up your purchase from us, having it delivered and having it installed by us. If you want to be completely unburdened, choose the monthly cancelable service agreement. Don’t have to worry about anything anymore.

Keep an eye on this page if you are looking for a good ColorWave acquisition. We also buy on commission. So if you want us to look for a specific version, let us know.

By the way, we also provide a second life for ColorWave heads and that already pays off very quickly. Rinsed printheads we supply in two grades: CAD/GIS and TOP. CAD/GIS is low-volume use and TOP is for high-volume use.