Why choose PostScript on your large format printer?
If you want to print a pdf document that contains transparent layers, you can only print it with PostScript; also abbreviated ps or (ps). And if you chose a multifunction (MFP) printer, you can only convert a scan to a PDF document if you have the PostScript application installed.

What is PostScript?
PostScript is a programming language and page description language developed by Adobe Systems in 1982. It is mainly used for printing documents and images, but it can also be used for on-screen display.

PostScript works by describing the layout and content of a page in terms of vector graphics and text. It uses mathematical formulas to define shapes and colors, and it can handle complex page layouts with multiple layers and transparency effects.

One of the most important features of PostScript is the ability to scale images and illustrations without loss of quality. This is because PostScript describes the page in terms of mathematical formulas rather than pixel-based graphics.

PostScript files are usually created by applications such as Adobe Illustrator and can be printed on PostScript-compatible printers or converted to other formats such as PDF for on-screen display.

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