Some printers are an easy target for hackers. What about yours?

The equipment you use for your daily business operations can make your network vulnerable. And sometimes costs to protect your network seem out of proportion. But when something happens, we often think to ourselves: if only I had done it. Thus, investing in good IT management is just crucial for your business. Anyway, you obviously didn’t come here to be lectured to, and we certainly don’t intend to. We want to make you aware of your online environment and the maintenance it requires. Because with the advent of your printer, which is controlled by a computer, there is a connection between different systems. We also call that connection The Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things includes all devices that interact with other devices or systems through Internet connections. It represents the technology in which the Internet is used not only by humans, but also by the devices themselves, without human interference1. If you don’t set up and maintain your Internet of Things properly, your environment can become vulnerable to malicious actors.

Critical openings can occur within your online scanning and printing environments. If you understand the weaknesses, you can easily reduce the risks. HP has long proven to be the specialist in securing large format printing equipment. Yes, other major brands use this as well. And that’s what makes this protection so valuable.

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1 Bron: Wikipedia.


Firewalls alone cannot withstand attacks by professional hackers. Learn more about vulnerabilities within your printer fleet and take action on each weakness.

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Read more about printer security in the research report produced by Spiceworks on behalf of HP.

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