HP Wolf Security products

A breakthrough in integrated endpoint security

Hardware and software work together so you are safer and more productive

HP Wolf Security takes a full-stack approach to securing the weakest links in your security architecture: your endpoints and users. Our advanced threat isolation strategy combines unique CPU-enforced isolation technology with security features built into the motherboard hardware to form a protective fortress that most threats cannot penetrate.

Wait a minute….full-stack? Endpoint? CPU? What we really mean to say is that we really think about everything (full-stack) in the security of your network and the devices (endpoints) connected to it. The security is built into the heart (the processor / CPU) of our new large format printers that isolates and identifies threats such as viruses. This makes your plotter a protective fortress that most threats cannot penetrate. With that, your network is maximally secure from HP.

Endpoint protection

  • Prevents phishing and ransomware from damaging PCs or moving sideways
  • Replacement monitoring patch management
  • CPU acceleration keeps app performance up

SOC efficiency

  • Fewer anomalous items in the log information
  • Less endpoint recovery
  • Reliable overview and information about threats

User Experience

  • Work worry-free: open email attachments with confidence
  • Reduction in training to detect phishing
  • No proxy delays or changes in application behavior

Unique malware prevention

Threat isolation: an advanced approach to endpoint protection

Threat isolation technology uses micro-virtual device-based isolation to protect users and defeat phishing and other attack vectors that NGAV and EDR solutions may let through. Malware cannot bypass isolation measures because they are enforced by CPU hardware.

  • Restricts attacks from e-mail attachments, Web links and USB drives
  • Supported by AMD and Intel CPUs
  • More than 18 billion clicks without degradation reported

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